Eleanor Arnold

Eleanor’s work looks at print as a form of act and action – focusing on ideas of human scale, visibility and mythmaking in regard to lived urban infrastructures and mapping. She is interested in the conflict between sight/site. She lives and works in London.


Dead Files – Lexicon: Stacking

Untitled (filing systems) - ongoing
6 x hand cut graph paper, collaged digital images
6 x 2 layered A4

Lexicons: Stacking (A + B)
Collaged and layered images of sculptural intervention – 2 x C-type Archival Prints on Muji Matt – on mounting card (22.9 x 14.2cm + 6mm border)
Digital composite images (exhibited physically at scale of original sculpture 2m x 3.55m and reduced for screens).
Materials: digital images, wax cast cardboard bricks, cement

Degraded Excavation Points – Cyan
4 x C-Type Archival Prints on Fuji Matt Paper (5.3 x 7.5cm) mounted on Fabriano paper)
Materials: Layers of digitally degraded images on cyan