Elinor Staniforth

Using modes of surveillance and tracking, combined with fictionalised narratives, Elinor surveys and builds a world that questions established modes of self-understanding. Elinor exposes difficult conversations, and in turn the difficulty of conversation. Through mix-ups, misfires, and misunderstandings, Elinor explores how we form and present relationships with ourselves and others. Her artwork both confronts and evades as it slips between dualities: stories blend truth with tale, performances bend history with memory, films bind documentary with romanticism; these opposing dialogues are tightly woven, so tightly they appear as one.

Since graduating, I’ve been on a few adventures and had a few shows, but after the rush of an Oxford degree, in general I’ve been taking things slow. I have moved back to my hometown of Cardiff, am learning Welsh, and have been working in a small café; appreciating the gentle joy of meeting new people and places. Over the past year I’ve been quietly collecting ideas for work, capturing film and writing.

Written during isolation, Letters to Blue are a collection of poems triggered by memories associated with the colour blue.


Letters to Blue
Text, 2020