+19+1 is an online group exhibition and reunion, one year after graduating from the Ruskin School of Art.

+One year of working hard—and sometimes hardly working—has passed since the 2019 Ruskin Degree Shows at 128 Bullingdon Road, Oxford, marking the end of a three-year BFA course and start of a new chapter. Reuniting as a group to mark this occasion, 19+1 presents a curated online group show as well as individual pages of contributions from 19 Ruskin alumni who may be either continuing their studies or beginning their professional careers both within and beyond the art world. In a year of global uncertainty and unforeseen limitations, 19+1 exhibits the work, thinking and making that has not been stunted by restrictions and isolation, and forms a shared platform to both reflect and look forwards, sharing progress, recent projects and plans for the future.

+19+1 is curated and designed by Harry Coday and features work by Florence Apple, Clara Atkinson, Eleanor Arnold, Harry Coday, Grace Crabtree, Poppy Eastwood, Molly Foulkes, Mary Gatenby, Rhian Harris-Mussi, Neeli Malik, Julia Michiewicz, Jessie Palmer, Gravy Robertson, Max Rumbol, Robyn Salt, Greta Sharp, Elinor Staniforth, Suzy Vanezis and Zhi Wei.

+Follow updates on the current Ruskin School of Art BFA cohort here.

+19+1 launches at a time of change and awareness locally and across the world. In light of events so far this year, the artists involved encourage visitors to seek further information about the ongoing issues of racism and diversity in the art world and more widely, and have issued a statement and short guide to help with this.

+Some works in
19+1 are also available for purchase, and proceeds from these sales may be donated by the artist to appropriate funds and causes. Please contact the artists directly for more information.

+For any enquiries please contact