Neeli Malik

My art practice primarily involves silkscreen printmaking and installation-based performances. Since moving from Oxford, and no longer having access to the studios and workshops there, I’ve been experimenting with smaller-scale media so that my practice is more adaptable and so that I’m able to continue producing artwork even if I don’t always have access to a studio space. I’ve been delving more into digital ways of working and have been experimenting with photography and making short films. My work often features a ‘vegetable motif’, and I even tried building and opening my own grocery store (Neeli’s Grocery Store, mixed media installation, 2017).

100 Days of Groceries is a photography project exploring the aesthetics of greengrocer storefronts alongside the human experience of what it’s like to be a part of the community as a store owner. The ongoing project documents a series of mostly independently owned stores; greengrocers, corner shops, newsagents, markets, butchers, bakeries, fishmongers, etc. Some of the photographs are accompanied with interviews with the owners of the stores, talking about their work, their hopes for the future, and their place in the community.

100 Days of Groceries, Ongoing photography project (November 2019-present)

Kensal’s Green Grocery (Interview with Mohamad), 2019, Digital photography
C&D Food & Wine (Interview with Jaymini), 2020, Digital photography
Taste of Chamberlayne (Interview with Mahmoud), 2020, Digital photography
Way2Save (Interview with Ali Ulger), 2020, Digital photography
Euro Supermarket / The Yellow Shop (Interview with Ali), 2020, Digital photography