Rhian Harris-Mussi

I am currently based in London and work part-time as a fabricator for Yinka Shonibare Studio. 

Through a combined practice of sculptural installation and drawing, I utilise a combination of traditional craft and contemporary construction techniques to simultaneously weave together and untangle the dichotomy between archaeology and science-fiction; historicism and futurism that is  contained within the aerial perspective. From this ‘vantage point’ I mine subjects such as Geographical Surveying, Mapping, Weather Forecasting, Environmental Weaponising, Aerial Reconnaissance, Imagery Intelligence, Crop-marks and Unidentifiable Flying Objects from an arable quarry of material. These sites of interest once excavated and archived, open up portals from one time dimension to another, an on-going construction of the future from fragments of the past.


Solaris [Probable Satellite Fragment], 2020
MDF, silver leaf and pewter casts (hunting dogs and fir trees)
81x42 cm.

Growing Supercooled, 2020
Pencil and crayon on paper
Close Encounter, 2020
Pencil and crayon on paper